Large Trash – Rubbish Pick up Instructions

This outlines the process, from the Town of Hamburg, for disposing of your large trash items from you home for residents who use Waste Management.

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Town of Hamburg, N.Y.

Large Trash Pickup


Town of Hamburg residents who use Waste Management


Large trash is collected from the months of April – October on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Residents are advised to have large trash at the curb by 7am on the Thursday that is communicated in the schedule posted on the Briercliff Homeowners website.


Large Trash is metals, furniture, appliances and construction/demolition debris produced by a homeowner and used in a residence in the town.


Items ELIGIBLE for curbside pick up are:

  • Metals: Gutters, metal siding, pipes, shelving, swing sets, etc.


  • Household items: furniture, carpets, mattresses, etc. (excluding electronics)


  • Appliances: Refrigerators, stoves, washing machines etc. (1) item up to 100 lbs. will be picked up by WM on the specific large trash pickup week.


  • Homeowner – Generated Construction/Demolition Debris: Shingles, wood, plaster board, concrete etc. Limit 10 containers or bundles, 60 pounds each.



Items NOT ELIGIBLE for pickup are:

  • Electronic Equipment: Items such as televisions, computers, printers, keyboards, monitors. Town residents may dispose these at BEST BUY McKinley Plaza or you can drop off at the Modern Waste Facility at 3675 Jeffery Blvd. This is off Bayview Rd. just west of the Bayview/Big Tree Intersection. Drive around the back to the door. This is the easiest and quickest way!


  • Tires & Car Batteries: there is no pickup of these items by the Town


  • Household Hazardous Waste: Pesticides, pool chemicals, non latex paint etc. Contact the Erie County hazardous waste hotline @ 858-6800 or visit their website for disposal options. The hotline provides detailed instructions for Latex Paint disposal.