2015 Spring Newsletter

2015 Newsletter

Greetings Homeowner-Members!

Below are just a few dates and notes to kick off the summer season and to keep you in tune with the happenings in our neighborhood.
– May 2 @9am –  Neighborhood Clean up Meet at the playground
– May 11 – Brush Collection
(Brush is collected the 2nd Monday of each month)
–  May 15 – May 17 – Garage Sale 9a – 3p
– May 21 – Rubbish Pick-up
(Rubbish is collected the 3rd Thursday of each month)

Attached is our annual Spring Newsletter. You can also download the Newsletter in PDF by visiting our website – http://www.BriercliffHomeowners.com – there is a link on the home page.

If you have any trouble opening the newseltter or viewing it on the website, just reply to this email and we can email one directly to you.

Happy Spring to you!

Download the Newsletter in PDF


Just a few notes to kick off our 6 months of ‘bad
sledding’ and to keep you up to speed on important dates and events for 2014.


Committee Members: We are looking for some new committee members who can bring some
ideation and energy to the following committees:

Kid Fest:  (attempt
We are looking to put together a “Kid Fest” this summer and we are seeking
volunteers to help with the event.
Please click
to learn more and to sign up to help out!

Sunshine Committee: Want to
greet new homeowners with a gift basket form the HOA and its members? Sign up




View the FULL Calendar

April 24 – Rubbish

May 3  
Clean up

  • May 14 – Brush Collection
    Monday of ea. month
  •  May 16 – Garage Sale
  • May 17 – Garage Sale
  • May 22 – Rubbish Pick-up


Construction will begin on
the railroad crossings this month!
Construction will be pretty quick and expected to be complete by June.



The building season has begun
– if you are planning on a pool, fence, deck/patio, or other addition
– please complete an architectural application and submit a
minimum of 14-days prior to your project start. Your project must meet the HOA’s
guidelines and be approved by the Architectural Committee.



Our website is full of
information about your neighborhood.
It has a full calendar of events, news on the latest happenings,
neighborhood updates, Association Rules and more.


Do you have an announcement
to share with our neighbors? Please email it to HOA@BriercliffHomeowners.com
and we’ll work to help you out.


You can also sign up to receive an
update whenever the website is updated.



May 3 at 9am – 10am

great event for kids, adults and family teams!  Does
your child need to fulfill some volunteer commitments?
 We supply volunteer letter-of-service!

Each spring we gather at the playground pavilion at 9am
for coffee, juice & doughnuts and then venture out through the
neighborhood to pick up trash and rubbish that is strewn about the
neighborhoods from those winter-winds. Join us for some light exercise and
the opportunity to meet your neighbors!

Annual Briercliff

Garage Sale

May 17 & Saturday May 18.  We
will leave the signs up for half-day on Sunday for any of you who wish to
sell on Sunday as well. This has generated a lot of traffic throughout the development
the last 7 years. Take advantage of the FREE
ADVERTISING you can get for your own Sale on Craigslist
  The more of us who post
on Craigslist and list some specific items that you hve,
the more traffic we will get! There will also be multiple signs along all
major roads around Briercliff. Thank you to our President Kyle Kraus for
taking the lead on coordinating this event and who will be posting the garage
sale in the Buffalo News, METRO, and The Sun. Be sure to post your own items and
our along with our community name on http://Buffalo.Craigslist.org – it’s


have posted the Weeks throughout the next 7 months when the Town of Hamburg
will be picking up Brush (week 1)
& Waste Management (week 2), will be picking up “Large” Items for
disposal. WM will accept up to 4 bags of grass clippings each week in
addition to your bin and totes. All the details are on the


Summer Holiday Weeks Trash Pickup – Please remember that Pickup
is Friday May 31st after Memorial Day, Friday July 5th
after July 4th and Friday September 6th after Labor Day.
PLEASE DO NOT put your containers out on Wednesday May 29, July 3 or
September 4.




Reminder – If you have work done at your
residence by a contractor please ask them
DO NOT to post any SIGNS on your front lawn adverting their
are not allowed as per the ASSOCIATION RULES, and you receive a violation



Offenses  & Trailers

Here are the most common violations that are incurred. For a
full list of rules please visit the
, if you have any questions please reach out to any board member.

Ø  Basketball hoops – must remain upright
during the summer

Ø  Parking – there is no parking on any
surface other than your driveway or the road – no parking on your lawn
or on the Association’s property

Ø  Trailers – No trailers of any
kind are allowed in your driveway overnight. If you must have the trailer in
your driveway for a couple of days please email the board through the website
asking for a variance. 

Ø  Mulch / Top Soil (other) – Mulch
must be removed from your driveway in an expeditious fashion.  We understand that weather can impact your
plans, however “tarp covered mulch” that sits for days will be incur a


Violation Structure

You will get a first
notice of violation with a reasonable time-period for you to remedy the issue,
as well as the fine amount if not remediated.  The first notice your receive for a
specific type of violation will serve as your “notice” and if you re-engage
in that violation again, you will be immediately issued a fine upon the next


Waiver Form for parties/gatherings

Listed on the website
under the “Contact
us Page
” are the requirements for homeowners to have an unsponsored BHOA
event on Association green space.
Homeowners must submit an approved application & a rider to the
homeowner’s insurance policy prior to the event to cover the event in case
there is an accident. 



Retention Pond Work – VP Jim Downey has retained
the services of Aqua Tech to perform some much needed work on both of our
Retention Ponds.  

We are also bringing in
equipment this year to dig out the cattails that we had killed last year, and
will be digging one side of the small pond back to its original depth.  The small pond is our focus for the next
couple of years to expand our Heart Trail and green space for walking and
exploring – rather than the stinky-shallow pond that it has
become.  We will also be clearing
a trail around it and enhancing the condition of that trail each year until
the work is done.



Best Regards,

BHOA Board