Our Committees

Be a part of what happens at Briercliff Estates – all residents are welcomed to join existing committees or help form and manage new committees.

Sunshine Committee

The Sunshine Committee continues to welcome new neighbors on behalf of the entire Briercliff Community. Since these well wishes are presented on behalf of the entire Briercliff community, we are asking for any donation that may be passed along through the welcome bags distributed to our new neighbors. If you own a business or know of a contact who may be willing to make a donation in the form of an item or a coupon discount, please consider passing that information to any member of the sunshine committee through a phone call or through the BHOA email.

Thanks for any contribution you can share to make our welcome packets a collective effort to make a great first impression to our new neighbors that the Briercliff community is certainly a great place to call home.

Sunshine Committee Members:
  • Don Grundtisch, Board Liaison
  • JoAnn Barba
  • Arline Danial
  • Linda Fischer
  • Kim Grundtisch
  • Lisa Harmel

Sunshine Committee Minutes:


The Green Space Committee

The Green Space Committee is looking for volunteers for many events in the upcoming months.  The committee consists of the following members:

Green Space Committee Members:
  • Jim Downey – Board Liaison & Chairperson
  • Tom Nowak
  • Michele Sutter
  • Brandon Sutter
  • Jim Zydel
  • Mike Wahler
  • Mark Criscione

Events Committee:

We need help to reform this committee which will help us organize our garage sale events, a block party and other small events such as a games-carnival for the kids, a progressive dinner night or a “Taste of Briercliff”.