The Association

Briercliff is a Homeowners Association Community

Who We Are – The Association

The Briercliff Homeowners Association is a not-for-profit organization that exists for the homeowners of our community. The Association is in place so we can ensure that our neighborhood will continue to be a safe and respectable place to raise our families. Any homeowner in Briercliff Estates (located in Hamburg, New York) is automatically a member of the Association.

Who We Are – The Officers:

The Briercliff Homeowners Association has an elected group of Officers that are in place to plan for the future of the association and to ensure that all of the Associations Rules and Regulations are enforced consistently, equally and fairly. The Officers are also responsible for running the day to day business of the Association and controlling the finances (managing contractors, collecting dues, paying bills, etc.)

2015 - 2016 Officers: