Here are some of the projects that the we’re working on

Neighborhood Entrances

The neighborhood entrances have been under reconstruction project started in 2010.  Since then, we’ve made some great progress in improving the quality and longevity of the entrance monuments.  Click here for the retrospect of it’s progress.

Current status:

  • We are working on a bid to replace the white picket fence that covers the steel guard rails at the Amsdell entrance.  This fall we replace the broken pickets to keep the fence’s aesthetic quality in place until we contract to replace it.
  • We are working with Brierwood Country Club to obtain some access to a water line that travels under the Amsdell Entrance that will allow us to water the flower beds and trees at that entrance.  Currently, we seek volunteers who spend hours per each night we water dragging hoses to various neighbors houses and carrying buckets to each area that needs watering.

Street Lights

12/09 – Don Grundtisch spoke in detail regarding the street lights.  Don has talked to Rick Largo from the Town of Hamburg engineering department numerous times over the last month regarding our options for replacing the street lights in the development.  National Grid will not deal directly with homeowners.  The utility will only work through the town.  For more information on the Street Light Project click here.


Pond Enhancements

We have two ponds that if left unkept would get rather swampy and become a detractor to the quality of our neighborhood.  To make sure that our ponds bring value to the nighborhood and the walking tails we have had them treated every couple of years as well as stocked with game fish and grass-carp, that keep the weeds and cattails at bay.  Thanks to Jim Downy and the Green Space Committee for the efforts!



Over the years The Assoication as well as many homeowners have spent money on planting a wide variety of trees throughout the neighborhood.  Over the next couple of years, we will be focusing on preservation and protecting our trees from invasive bugs (Ash Bore) and tree diseases.  I

n 2010 we hire an aborist to trim and treat the pine tree at the Amsdell entrance and it paid off, the tree survived and has new growth on it already.  This tree brings a great look to that entrance and we’re glad to see it stay.

Play Ground

This year we had the playground inspected and repainted.  The inspection came back with a clean bill of health and the playgournd was restained and looks great!  Also, as part of preventative maintenance, we will have the playground treated for bees and insects in the Spring of 2012.