Street Light Project

7/1/13  – LED street lights – As we plan on upgrading our street lights in the coming years, here is an article that outines the benefits of the new LED lights that we are planning to have installed – Town and Electric company willing….


12/09/11 – Don Grundtisch spoke in detail regarding the street lights.  Don has talked to Rick Largo from the Town of Hamburg engineering department numerous times over the last month regarding our options for replacing the street lights in the development.  National Grid will not deal directly with homeowners.  The utility will only work through the town.

There are two components to the street lights; the poles and the luminaries (tops). The town owns the poles. We could buy new poles & pay a contractor to install them. The cost for a good decorative pole runs in the $800 to $1,200 range.  The cost to remove the current poles & install new ones would cost approximately $1,500/pole.  Based on the costs, this is not a feasible option.

Another option is to have them painted black & replace the luminaries. The paint would cost about $400 & $100/pole to paint by a contractor (total of approximately $4,100).

National Grid owns the luminaries & leases them to the town over a 15 year amortization. The town pays $73.46/yr for each of the 37 luminaries which includes the lease payment & National Grid’s maintenance on the luminaries.  If we wanted to replace the luminaries, we would have to pay off the remaining balance on the lease and approximately $200/luminary for National Grid’s labor.

Rick has requested the lease payoff amount from National Grid. However, we are limited in the style of luminary we could choose. There are eight different luminaries that National Grid will lease & service, including our current style (Traditional – aka Lantern). Don inquired about the Central Park style, one of the better luminaries, which costs the town $117.11/yr. and told Rick that we would pay the difference of $43.65/yr/luminary (approximately $1,600/yr total).

Rick said that we are limited to the five luminaries that are priced at the $73.46/yr because they have no mechanism to bill the homeowners association on an annual basis. Don will continue to work with the town to work through the options & issues. In addition, a light study will be requested to see if the current number of streetlights is appropriate.