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Brush Collection

Updated: Feb 28

During the 2nd full week from March through November, the town of Hamburg picks up brush. Please put your brush at the curb on no earlier than Saturday morning for the upcoming brush collection week. Dates are posted on the calendar. Per the town:

.1. Brush should be at the curb by 6:00 am the MONDAY that begins your pick up week. NO CALLBACKS will be made!

2. Entire/Vacant lot clean up is not part of this service.

3, Bushes and Branches longer than 3’ x 3’ x 8’ in length: May be placed at curbside (all stems facing the same direction toward the roadway, not in roadside ditches, not blocking the sidewalk or the street which would be a hazard) for the “chipper” which picks up one neighborhood at a time. It will start at one end of town and work its way across repeating the process during designated months. Please be patient, this method may take up to 2 weeks per zone.

4. NO GARBAGE will be picked up.

5. Please, NO METAL. It will destroy chipper.

6. Contractors hired by Hamburg residents are responsible for the removal of ALL yard waste debris collected from property. (ie: tree or bush trimmings/removal including branches, trunks, stumps, root balls, etc.)

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