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DATO Development's Proposed Townhome Project

Updated: Apr 8

At the 04/05/23 planning board meeting, DATO presented a plan reducing the number of units from 96 to 57 on the 9.37 acres which results in an increase from 1 acre of open space to 5 acres & a 135' buffer from the railroad tracks. The entrances will be reduced from 2 to 1. One entrance will be sold as a duplex. With these changes, DATO believes that they have met the open space acreage requirement. Chairman Bill Clark requested color coded maps of the open space from DATO & from us so he can compare. We will get a copy of DATO's map. DATO was tabled until the 05/17 meeting.

The planning board held a public hearing regarding DATO Development's proposed townhome project on January 4, 2023. We presented a number of exhibits supporting our opposition to the project. The public hearing remained open until the planning board meeting held on February 15, 2023. The meeting was attended by over 50 Briercliff residents. Thank you to everyone who showed up. A number of homeowners reiterated the compelling reasons this development should not be approved. The public hearing was then closed but the Planning Board will still take public input via email or handwritten letters. Per Drew Reilly (engineering consultant to the town), there’s a lot of confusion regarding the PUD and SEQR documents that are over 30 years old, and they have at least 20 boxes to go through. The next public meeting with DATO on the agenda will be on 04/05/23. We are aggressively pushing this greenspace deficiency by Burke/DATO and will pursue all legal options to stop the project. DATO must prove to the town planning board that they have provided the legally required greenspace acreage which Burke guaranteed in return for the town waiving the recreation fees on building permits.

DATO sketch plan
Download PDF • 1.29MB

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