Modern Disposal

If you're using Waste Management, please consider switching to Modern Disposal. In the past, we’ve listed Waste Management as our preferred service provider due to their lower cost. However, the frequent high winds blow the Waste Management recycling bins & their contents all over our neighborhood. They will service recycling totes purchased by homeowners up to a 35-gallon size (about $70 each at Lowes). Modern Disposal supplies a large 95-gallon tote for recycling and has competitive rates. Therefore, we are now recommending Modern Disposal as our preferred service provider. Both providers have and will continue to raise their rates, but competition will keep them close. Both offer a senior discount for age 65 and over. If you are a current Waste Management customer, we recommend calling them at 855-927-8364. Tell them you want to cancel your service & see if they will reduce your rate. If you decide to stay with Waste Management, please consider purchasing recycling totes (Lowes has a 32-gallon tote for $70). If you do switch away from Waste Management, there is a cancellation charge for up to $75 + fees. The decision is up to you, but we feel that using recycling totes instead of bins will save everyone a lot of aggravation & help keep our neighborhood looking great!

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